[Samba] Cancel Print Job from Windows

Stringer Leon leon.stringer at nhs.net
Mon Mar 15 14:15:51 GMT 2004


We use Samba and CUPS to print for Windows users. Users seem to be able
to cancel their own jobs in the queue from the Windows queue interface
(in Control Panel\Printers\Open queue, right click on job and select
Cancel) but Domain Admins cannot cancel Domain Users documents in this
way (the status bar says "Access denied.").

Domain Admins have this ability with a Windows print server. Should this
be possible with a Samba server?

I've got:

printer admin = @ntadmins, administrator, @"STAFFAMB+Domain Admins"

And I've tried:

create mode = 0777

Which didn't make any difference.

Should this be possible? Any clues?



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