[Samba] inherit permissions doesnt work in 3.0.2a-SOLVED

Richard Coates r.coates at bigpond.net.au
Mon Mar 15 12:27:23 GMT 2004

the users "homes" share was also shared separately to automatically map the drive 
via "logon drive = h:"
samba was applying standard linux perms to files in homes.
my solution: change home directory in /etc/passwd to something else, and
use a logon.bat to map the drives we need.
simple really, too many late nights I suppose!

>redhat9, samba 3.0.2a-1 as pdc, wins, xp-pro domain clients, smbpasswd
>all files created get stock 744 perms
>directories created in the samba share get 755
>I cant seem to over-ride these?
>I would like 770
.my share definition has..

>path = /mypath
>valid users = @staff
>writable = yes
>inherit permissions = yes

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