[Samba] Samba-3 can't resolve groups

Mailing-OIT mailing-oit at tttech.com
Mon Mar 15 11:14:34 GMT 2004

Hi list, 
maybe somebody had the same problem when upgrading to samba3.
We have a Debian Sarge server running Samba3 without winbind.
We used the old 2.2.x smb.conf and smbpasswd for the new installation.

Problem 1: Since the migration some users can not write to their respective 
group shares (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED), when the  directory is not owned by 
It looks like the groups are not resolved properly.

Problem 2: Since thursday last week this effect is cumulating, it looks as if 
our samba installation were slowly degrading.

Can anybody out there give some advise?

THX in Advance


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