[Samba] kerberos ticket expired

steven.TSE steven.tse at possehlelectronics.com.hk
Mon Mar 15 03:55:36 GMT 2004

Hi list,

I have tried kinit -r 7d -l 7d admin to keep the ticket last longer, but it
ignored my flags and use default 1 day ticket life time.  It is true that it
shouldn't related to samba but kerberos, but can anyone simple tell me does
the ticket is required after added "net ads join" into win2000 domain?
thanks for the kindly help.  


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Does the kerberos ticket useful after added the computer account into
win2000 domain?  Since I find that even the kerberos ticket expired, Samba
still work.  Does that mean I can simple destroy the ticket right after
Samba init?  

Samba3.0.2a on Redhat8.0


Best Rgds.,
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