[Samba] Warning: A possible virus has been detected in one of your messages.

control at eworm.info control at eworm.info
Sun Mar 14 00:01:02 GMT 2004

A virus or an infected file has been detected in a message:

From: samba at samba.org
To: hjorth at hjorth.org
Subject: Re: Approved

Messages containing infected attachments will no longer
be forwarded.

If you wish to send emails with attachment, we strongly
recommend that you enclose your attachment in formats
like .ZIP.

This is the size of the email in question:
-rw-------    1 root     root        24651 Mar 14 00:39 msg.H6fD

This is what our filter said about the issue:
X-Procmail-AV: (vbs|wsf|vbe|wsh|hta|scr|pif) files not allowed

These filenames were found in the message:
Content-Disposition: attachment;

If you want this mail anyway, please click here:
mailto:hjorth at hjorth.org?Subject=send%20file%202004-03-14/msg.H6fD

Should that fail, click here in stead:
mailto:control at eworm.info?Subject=msg.H6fD



You are our customer, therefore we did this effort to protect you
from viruses.
If you do not want the antivirus scanning for your emails, please
click here: mailto:control at eworm.info?Subject=no-antivirus
otherwise no action is required on your part. A copy of this
message has been delivered to the sender.



Please update your virus detection software and clean
your system before attempting to resend this message.

If you are one of our customers, we suggest that you
use our WebMail system at:




AntiVirus System
control at eworm.info
kontrol at evirus.dk

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