[Samba] Home directories not mounting under 3.0.2a

Min Guo min.guo at student.adelaide.edu.au
Sat Mar 13 23:40:26 GMT 2004


I've compiled samba 3.0.2a on Solaris 8 and have issues with home 
directory mounting.

We previously had two servers each Solaris 8 running 2.2.8a, one as a 
pdc, the other as a bdc.

Our users have their home directories split across the two servers, and 
the home directory was under 2.2.8a mounted by way of the NIS automap 
feature.  They could log on to a WinXP machine (which was a member of 
the samba domain), and they would have their h: home mapped on log in 
through "net use h: /home".

But since the upgrade to 3.0.2a, WinXP will not map the home drive.

I compiled 3.0.2a with --with-automount, and a look at the %N variables 
brings up the correct host from the NIS auto.home map.  However, when 
trying to use "net use h: /home" on WinXP to mount the home directory 
off Samba, WinXP says
"The user's home directory could not be determined."

The home share, however, does show up in the browse list of the server 
under Network Places and can be accessed.

On the server, executing "pdbedit -u username -v" gives no value for 
home directory, but home drive appears as "h:".  Trying to change this with
pdbedit -u username -r -h \\\\server\homesharename
does nothing (in fact, no option wants to change by pdbedit).

Any clues?

Server logs say nothing at all.


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