[Samba] two subnets, one domain, several DCs?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sat Mar 13 18:31:54 GMT 2004


>Myself, I would want all computers on the same domain and therefore in
>the same ldap tree. 
As would I... this multiple domain stuff we have going on now is painful.

>If you suspect that there will be a break in network connectivity higher
>than say 2% of the time, then you probably have to think in terms of
>having a 'BDC' and slave LDAP server with wins support = yes in each
>subnet and set each Windows client (hopefully, you are using DHCP) to
>use the local BDC/slave LDAP for WINS and secondarily, point to the WINS
>server on subnet 1. Then you probably need to set remote announce on the
>machine in subnet 1 to the broadcast address 10.x.x.255 for each subnet.
We have a fully redundant setup, with dhcp, dns, ldap, and samba boxes 
in each site, so I'm trying to set things up to use local resources 
where available.  LDAP is a traditional master-slave relationship, so it 
most cases, everything is perfectly in sync... most of the time.

We do have DHCP all over, but as I'm testing an upgrade right now, it's 
a little tricky to set WINS automagically... I don't want to hose the 
working network by changing WINS before the changeover, but I am 
manually setting WINS while testing.

One thing I've noticed though, is that since I've started testing in 
'not the master LDAP server's subnet' I have to join the domain twice.  
Once to get the machine into LDAP, then wait a couple seconds until I 
hear the LDAP slave crunch through the slurpd push, and then join again 
and it works fine.   Basically I'm running into a replication delay.  I 
know there's an option to set that higher so that maybe I don't have to 
do it twice, but I can't remember what it is... is that what the 
password chat timeout is set for?


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