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Stefan Günther SMGuenther at web.de
Sat Mar 13 15:11:06 GMT 2004


Hartmut Krummrei <hartmutkrummrei at nwn.de> schrieb am 13.03.04 12:23:48:
> Hi,
> Problem: I want a normal user to mount a Windows share. Therfor I 
> created a "device"-icon on his desktop and inserted a line in fstab:
> //karin/KARIN-D /home/hartmut/karin-d smbfs noauto,user,exec,rw 0 0
> and everything worked fine with Suse 7.3. I don?t know which smb-version 
> they had. Now with Suse 9.0 (smbd -V gives 2.2.8a-Suse) it works not: 
> only root can do! Or otherwise: "smbmount must not run in suid-mode". 
> Root can mount the share, but why not a normal user. It even does not 
> work with username%password and so on ... I didn?t find anything in 
> newsgroups and on samba.org. Do you know, how it is done?

what happens when you (as a normal user) enter:

mount /home/hartmut/karin-d  

You should add username=...,password=.. to the line in /etc/fstab.


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