AW: [Samba] [profiles] server seperate from PDC ?

Matthias Spork samba at
Fri Mar 12 19:58:44 GMT 2004


> Due to performance problems (old donated hardware) I would like
> to move [profiles] service from our Samba 2.2.8a PDC to a seperate
> samba server.
> 1) Is this at all possible and


>    1b) how do I make this profile server know all necessary user
>        data and file permissions? - Does it simply have to become
>        a domain member server? Or do I have to transfer the UNIX
>        accounts, too?
> or
> 2) are there better alternatives?

Let the Profile-Server join the domain and generate a share for the

Then mount this share at the old server and move the
profiles with all permissions to the new server. Now umount and
configure "profile path" in the smb.conf.

For an easy sharing of Unix-Accounts use LDAP. There's a great article
in the present german iX-magazine (March 04).


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