[Samba] Re: Problem since switching to 3.0.2/3.0.2a

Arnold Andrews X-324-4292 aandrews at eng.okla.seagate.com
Fri Mar 12 16:18:18 GMT 2004

Problem solved.  I just needed to switch the "logon path" parameter in my 
smb.conf file to use "%U" instead of "%u".  Now it automatically substitutes the 
username into the tdbsam database user profile field.

Thanks for letting me vent.


> Here's the problem:
> After migrating and switching from passdb backend "smbpasswd" to the new 
> "tdbsam" backend, I started having problems with user's profiles.  I was 
> error messages about not being able to download the user's profile from the 
> server and such.  So upon checking the profile directory on the server, I 
> noticed that there was a directory there named "%u" which had never been there 
> before.
> I used "User Manager" for domains (after authenticating to the Samba domain as 
> root), and found that the user's profile was actually being stored in the 
> database with the "%u" at the end of the "User Profile Path" instead of making 
> the substitution to the actual username.
> My workaround for now is to use "user manager" and manually switch the "%u" in 
> the user profile for each user to the actual username.
> I believe the fix would be to change the behavior of "pdbedit" so that when 
> database is migrated from "smbpasswd" to "tdbsam" (or whatever other databases 
> that may apply) that the pdbedit program actually substitute the "%u" to the 
> actual username as it populates the destination database.  The "smbpasswd" 
> program should also do this when it creates a new user account.
> I have been a long time user of Samba and really appreciate all the hard work 
> that all of you do there.
> Thank you for making such a wonderful tool.  Keep up the great work!
> Best regards,
> Arnold Andrews
> Sr. Systems Administrator
> Seagate Technology

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