[Samba] weird home share problem

Lukas Meyer lukas at msys.ch
Fri Mar 12 07:40:27 GMT 2004

Hi list

During my samba3 pdc ldap backend set up I encountered a new problem. I 
configured in smb.conf the mounting of the home share as followed:

logon path =                # I don't want roaming profiles
logon drive = H:
logon home = \\homeserver\%u
logon script = logon.bat

    comment = Home dirs
    valid users = %S
    read only = No
    browseable = No

Well after logging in it executes the login.bat or the defined one in 
ldap tree and mounts the \\server\user to H:. Now it works perfectly but 
the weird thing is, after logging in, I log out and log in again, and 
the home share isn't there. I restart the workstation and log in again 
and it isn't still there. But if I log off or shut down the workstation 
and wait approximate 5 minutes, the home share appears after the login 
process. It looks like there is a timeout or something else. The other 
strange thing is, that sometimes, the logon script won't be executed.

Are there any problems between the logon script in the smb.conf and the 
one stored in ldap tree?

Best regards

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