[Samba] Disabling Machine Account password change

Florian Thiel thiel at medienzentrum-kassel.de
Fri Mar 12 07:36:46 GMT 2004

Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
> Hash: SHA1
> Florian Thiel wrote:
> |> The MS kb artcile mentions the RefusrPasswordChange
> |> reg value.  You could add this to the hardcoded registry
> |> paths than Samba supports.
> |
> | Yes, that's the idea. The problem is that I'm not feeling able
> | to do this on my own. Is there a samba developer around?
> | I think it shouldn't be too hard if you know the structures.
> | I'm not even sure what value Windows expect in return...
> Try this patch (i only guarantee it to compile).
> (stripped was the mailing list ).  Should apply to
> any 3.0 version.

Thanks. Looks like it should also apply to Samba 2.2. Do you think it
would be working for Samba2? And most important: Can you think of a way
to test it reliably? Setting the clients to a low change interval comes
into mind...


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