[Samba] Trouble mounting a windows share from Linux

Shawn Iverson shawn at nccsc.k12.in.us
Fri Mar 12 00:03:12 GMT 2004

On Thursday, March 11, 2004 3:05 PM Stefan Günther wrote:
> chmod u+s /usr/bin/smbmount
> Hm, suid root -not a really good idea ...

Can sudo be used instead?

> >  [root at sambaclient1 root]# smbmount //testtech/shawn /home/shawn/mnt
> > username=shawn uid=root gid=root fmask=0755 gmask=0755 workgroup=tech rw
> > Password:
> > 4606: session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
> > SMB connection failed
> > --
> Did you add root to smbpasswd? Maybe the reason,why it fails.

I'm not using samba as a domain controller, so I don't think that this
applies.  Using mount -t smbfs... works, though.  I think my typo above had
something to do with it (gmask instead of dmask) because I can use smbmount

> Is it really necessary that your user are able to mount the shares
> manually or is it acceptable for you that
> the user shares are mounted automatically when the computer starts?
> If second option is ok for you, you shoudl have a look at how SuSE deals
> with this problem. SuSE uses a
> file called smbfstab in /etc/samba:
> # service       moint-point     options
> ;//fjall/test   /data/test      username=tridge,password=foobar
> This file is used for a start script (/etc/init.d/smbfs) which mounts all
> smb filesystems during system
> start.

Well, since many users will be using these computers and there is no way of
knowing which user may sit down at a machine, this will not work.  I need
something that will work for all users when they log in, and I cannot have
the password in plain text anywhere, not even in a file.  

What I need is a pam_exec module that will execute a mount command and
substitute the username and password in the command.

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