[Samba] Samba 2.2 vs Samba 3

Adir Yakia adir at conflictx.dyndns.org
Fri Mar 12 00:03:34 GMT 2004

Yo dudes....

I have tried to implement both samba 2.2 and 3 i the company i working 
at, i had 30 workstations that used samba as a PDC.. i got three groups 
for the shares and i binded users for some groups.

ok, one thing that i can say is the Samba 3 was VERY slow in comparence 
of Samba 2.2, when someone tried to enter a share it took allot of time 
until the share opened (could take like 15-20 secs, think what my boss 
told me when my server is working slow.....), in samba 2.2 it took less 
then a second (btw, the server is AMD 2600 XP).

It looks like there was a problem with the password validations (didn't 
used smbpasswd), it took a lots of time to authenticate, but when i 
switched to smbpasswd it staied slow....

Well Pplz, tell me what you think... :-)

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