[Samba] check_ntdomain_security: could not fetch trust ....

nuffers at tsainc.com nuffers at tsainc.com
Thu Mar 11 18:17:34 GMT 2004

I am receiving the following message in the smbd log file when I try to 
connect to my Samba share using Windows 2000 system.

        check_ntdomain_security: could not fetch trust account password 
for domain 'AM.TSACORP.LAB'

Active Directory in native mode on a MS Window system
Shown below is the smb.conf file on Solaris 8.

# Global parameters
        workgroup = AM.TSACORP.LAB
        netbios name = OMA4SMB
        server string = SUN Samba Test
        security = DOMAIN
      encrypt passwords = Yes
        wins server =
      password server = OMADC01

        comment = Public Share Point
        path = /share/public
        read only = No

        path = /share/private

Appreciate any help someone can give.

Steve Nuffer

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