[Samba] Trouble mounting a windows share from Linux

Stefan Günther SMGuenther at web.de
Thu Mar 11 15:21:13 GMT 2004

> First off, I need to somehow connect the workstations to these shares after 
> the user logs in.  I can successfully connect to them with smbclient, but I 
> need a much more user friendly connection, such as a mount point using 
> smbmount.  My attempts to use smbmount have failed,  
What does "failed" mean? Didn't work at all, permission problem, or what? 
>and I was a bit 
> discouraged when I read through the man page and noted that smbmount is for 
> "Linux smb filesystems."  Does that mean that smbmount will only work with a 
> samba server, not an NT server? 
Well, I' m sure that I have used smbmount to connect to Windows servers in the past. 
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