[Samba] add machine script problem

Joern Frenzel frenzel at wave-computer.de
Thu Mar 11 13:48:21 GMT 2004

Am Donnerstag, 11. März 2004 13:28 schrieb Lukas Meyer:
> Hello
> I set up a Samba 3 PDC with ldap backend. I created an script that adds
> machine accounts. First it adds the machine account to /etc/passwd and
> then it creates the user in ldap with smbpasswd -a -m machine.
> If I run the script by hand, it works and the account has been added.
> After that I can join the domain without any problems. Now I want to
> make this machine account creation on the fly. So I added the script to
> smb.conf as add user script = /path/to/createmachineaccount.sh.
> If I try to join a domain with a workstation that hasn't any account,
> the script creates the machine account but on error occurs that I can't
> log in because the account doesn't exist. After that if I try to join
> again, the logon process works because it found the machine account. So
> I have to join every workstation twice, first for user creation and
> second for joining the domain.
> Why doesn't this work in one step? On our old samba 2.2.8a PDC with ldap
> backend, the whole things worked with the same machine add script.
> I welcome any suggestions.
> best regards
> Lukas

hi lucas,

can U please support me with the "addmachine script" ? we want to do the same 
- but i don't really know how. maybe we find the the little failure together.

thanks for your support.

best regards

Jörn Fenzel

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