[Samba] Samba Gigabit very very slow?

Alexander Sbitnev shuras at dezcom.mephi.ru
Thu Mar 11 12:52:19 GMT 2004

DF> That's because Realtek 8169 sucks royally. German readers might wanna check
DF> test results in c't 4/2004. (or 3?)
DF> 8169 failed every test: thruput, stability, CPU usage.
Don't think it caused by 8169. Got the same problem with different 3com
gigabit card (tg3 and sk98lin). Tested with 3com and D-Link
gigabit switches. There is definitely a problem with Samba/IpStack.
Each separate client (even if he is the only one) has a low speed
while overal bandwidth can be good.

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 Alexander                            mailto:shuras at dezcom.mephi.ru

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