[Samba] Having problems uninstalling Samba 2.2.7a in RH 9

edd payne edd at ulu.lon.ac.uk
Thu Mar 11 12:43:11 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 10 Mar 2004 11:07 pm, Keith Williams wrote:
> Dear all,
>         Many months ago John Terpstra took time and helped this newby get
> samba 3.0 installed and working really well on my server at the time.
> Unfortunately the server died on me. Now I have a new one I am attemping
> to install Samba 3 on but i get this conflict with version 2.2.7a that
> came with RH 9. I can not remove it.
> I have tried several methods and it still there cause 3.0 will not
> install. Here is the error I get:

Red Hat packages samba as three .rpm files, so you need to do something like:

# rpm -qa | grep samba

which gives you:


then remove all of these:

# for f in samba-client samba samba-common; do rpm -e $f; done

(if any of these fail re-run them in the order of the dependencies, i think 
the above is right...)

then try installing the samba-3.0.2a-1 package

you will need to back up your smb.conf and any other files (.tdb files for 
example) that you already have configured on this server.

You may also want to upgrade Red Hat 9 to Fedora Core 1 before you do this, as 
Red Hat 9 will be unsupported from the end of next month. I'm not sure 
offhand if FC1 still has the three samba packages, as I always don't install 
it and then compile/install it from source.

Hope this helps,

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