[Samba] add machine script problem

Lukas Meyer lukas at msys.ch
Thu Mar 11 12:28:25 GMT 2004


I set up a Samba 3 PDC with ldap backend. I created an script that adds 
machine accounts. First it adds the machine account to /etc/passwd and 
then it creates the user in ldap with smbpasswd -a -m machine.

If I run the script by hand, it works and the account has been added. 
After that I can join the domain without any problems. Now I want to 
make this machine account creation on the fly. So I added the script to 
smb.conf as add user script = /path/to/createmachineaccount.sh.

If I try to join a domain with a workstation that hasn't any account, 
the script creates the machine account but on error occurs that I can't 
log in because the account doesn't exist. After that if I try to join 
again, the logon process works because it found the machine account. So 
I have to join every workstation twice, first for user creation and 
second for joining the domain.

Why doesn't this work in one step? On our old samba 2.2.8a PDC with ldap 
backend, the whole things worked with the same machine add script.

I welcome any suggestions.

best regards

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