[Samba] samba 3 ldap pdc

Lukas Meyer lukas at msys.ch
Thu Mar 11 07:51:13 GMT 2004

Hi list!

I set up a new Samba 3 PDC with ldap backend. In our network, there 
already exists an old samba 2.2.8 PDC with ldap backend. Now I have two 
PDC named DOMAIN1 and DOMAIN2. Because in our network, there are a lot 
of windows NT4 and W2k workstations that are loggin on to DOMAIN1, I 
don't want to join every workstation to DOMAIN2.

Is it possible to shut down DOMAIN1, and configure the new PDC DOMAIN2 
as DOMAIN1 so the workstations don't have to join again btw wouldn't get 
new profiles? I migrated all workstation and user accounts to the new 
one, so every workstation and user has also access to the new PDC. Or 
exists any other method of migrating to the new PDC? The big problem is 
that I want to keep the profiles of every user.

best regards

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