[Samba] "smb_get_length recv error = 512" and "smbrequest: result -512, setting invalid"

Srikanth Sherman sri at technovare.com
Wed Mar 10 18:33:12 GMT 2004


I have a mounted a directory on my WinXP PC and am attempting to play an
video stream on that dir using xine.  Occasionally, the video hangs and I
get the following
messages in /var/log/messages:

localhost kernel: smb_get_length recv error = 512
localhost kernel: smb_request: result -512, setting invalid

I am able to play the video continuously without any problems when played
off the local
drive.  This problem happens with 2.2.7a and 2.2.8a.  I'm using RH9.

Thanks for your help!

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