[Samba] (3.0.2a) Client lose connection after deleting a large folder (bis)

Michael Harlaut m.harlaut at atolcd.com
Wed Mar 10 15:56:37 GMT 2004

Sorry for posting again, I've posted my first message in a bad thread  ...
I promise to pay attention the next time :)

So ...

We encounter a strange issue with a 3.0.2a Samba server (this problem 
also happens with previous versions).
(Using Debian stable, Samba 3.0.2a, Windows 2000 SP4 client, NT4 SP3 

The reproductibility is quite total with these steps :

- Copying a quite large folder (50 Mbytes) on the server
- Deleting it (on the server too)

=> The client connection is losted and explorer returns an error saying 
the (mapped) drive no longer exists ...

This practice is not really usefull in a production environment, but 
it's quite annoying ...

After a short time, it's possible to re-use the mapped drive again.

Is anybody encounters this ? Perhaps we forgotten something ...
There is too much logs to post them here ...

Do not hesitate to ask me for any element I could have forgotten.



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