[Samba] Disabling Machine Account password change

Florian Thiel thiel at medienzentrum-kassel.de
Wed Mar 10 15:39:13 GMT 2004


We have a school environment with Debian servers and Win2K clients.
There are about 700 clients and 30 servers. There is piece of hardware
installed on all clients the resets the changes made to the local disk
at reboot.

This seems to be a problem with Win2K changing machine account passwords
every 30 days (according to MSDN). The server saves the password, the
client resets it and domain logon is impossible ever after.

Now I want to disable this password changing. It is possible with a
Windows PDC using group policy (at least that's what Windows Admins told
me). I found for Samba it's hardcoded in the sources. Would it be
possible to make that an option for smb.conf? I'm not a C programming
professional so I'm afraid of hacking the Samba source (especially with no
similiar examples in the sources).

Is there someone working on that kind of thing or are there any
implications I do not know about?

Thanks in advance,
Florian Thiel - Medienzentrum Kassel
Systembetreuung Internet- und Kommunikationstechnik
Kasseler Schulen am Netz - http://www.medienzentrum-kassel.de

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