[Samba] No full administrator-permissions on local machines with samba 3 domain login

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Wed Mar 10 14:27:33 GMT 2004

Beast schrieb:

> * Joern Frenzel <frenzel at wave-computer.de> nulis:
>>additonaly to my question. we can not add or change usres in the domain if 
>>we're loged in on a client (as domainadmin sure). and thats wht we want to 
>>do :-(
> What is pdbedit -Lv administrator says? esp. on primary group SID
> --beast
i found the same Problem: group Administrators in win normally should be 
a part of Domain admins, so every member of domain admins should be in 
Administrators automaticly too, but i think this cant be done in unix
This would be a question to John perhaps i have some brainbug here.
But as workaround every domain admin can himself add as local admin to a 
win machine, this is what i testet with backend ldap, and smbpasswd.

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