AW: [Samba] Re: windows xp slow directory listing

Stumpfl Markus htl.traun.kustos at
Wed Mar 10 08:34:46 GMT 2004

What I know it's not samba related. This happens in a Win only
environment too!
I have the same problem at home (only 2-3 pcs) but in work with 50+ PCs
there is no problem whatsoever because:
it really helps if the samba server is the "browse list master"!
Normally that's any PC on the network, but the speed/uptime/...
controlls who will win the master election.
So if you set
        os level = 255
        preferred master = yes
        domain master = yes
	  local master = yes
the samba server should always win the election and be the browse list

I hope this helps,


PS: For WinXP you really should have a working dns system (with the
reverse entries!)

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> Are you on a domain?  I found this problem to be happening and after I
> went
> into the local security policies on WinXP and disabled autoenrollment
> things
> got faster.  Plus DNS was 'causing an issue as well.  Remember that
> prefers WINS but Win2k and WinXP prefer to use DNS.
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> Dear All,
> I could not find a site to search for the mailing list archives. If my
> question is already asked, sorry for the inconvenience, but please
> provide me some link(s) for solving it.
> I have a FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT server. Samba 2.2.8 is installed and
> running on it. I have no problems with Windows 98 machines in the LAN.
> My only problem is with Windows 2000, Windows XP machines.
> Directory listing is slow. If you click on a map drive in windows
> explorer, it takes 10-60 seconds for explorer to list the contents.
> After you can browse in directories as you are browsing your own C
> drive. If you do not use your mapped drive for sometime (did not
> counted) first listing is slow again.
> Until now, I could not find out the problem. If this is not a known
> problem, I captured my computer packets with "etheral" program. If
> somebody is interested, I can forward the capture file (85k). What I
> during capturing was to click on mapped drive and wait until it lists
> the contents of the drive. After I stopped capturing.
> Regards,
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