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Stumpfl Markus htl.traun.kustos at
Wed Mar 10 07:04:38 GMT 2004


Yeah, I too had that one :-)

The problems are access rights!

So, what I did was the following:

1. I created the standard profile in WinXP (Admin)
	installed the progs
	set the docs and outlook-paths
	started the progs (to check they are working)
	set all the desktop settings (for the users!)
	played A LOT with "gpedit.msc" ;-)
2. I created a 2nd admin and logged in
3. in “System\Advanced\User Profile” I selected the Administrator
profile, “copy to” and set the <b>access rights to “everyone”</b> and
copied it onto the samba server
4. I then I logged in as Admin and deleted everything I didn't need and
changed the desktop setting "to admin like"

After that I had the profile on the server with the correct rights set
Then - if you didn't copy the profile as 'root' - I did "chown -R


drwxr-xr-x   10 root     root         4096 Mar  5 11:38


	logon path = \\%L\profiles\

        path = /home/profiles


Well, that should do the trick.



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> An: Stumpfl Markus
> Betreff: Re: AW: [Samba] WinXP Profiles
> First off let me thank you for your help....Next, I have one more
> question,
> well really a problem....I have set everything up like you described
> I'm
> receiving an error message upon logon:
> "Windows cannot log you on because your roaming mandatory profile is
> available, this may be cause by incorrect file system permissions or
> network
> problems.  Contact  you network administrator."
> The profile I created has read permissions for everyone...
> I am currently troublshooting this, but I was wondering if you ran
> this
> when you first set this up....
> Thanx again
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