[Samba] Newbie: Samba Intergration into W2K Domain/ADS

Steve Poe skpoe at ucd.net
Wed Mar 10 05:01:07 GMT 2004

Hello everyone. I humbly admit I need some direction. I have search newsgroups and the Samba help files, but I must be missing something or just not getting it.

I am comfortable witrh Samba in a small workgroup environment, I feel like a fish out of water when trying to intergrate Samba into a W2K Domain/Active Directory environment. While I consider myself technical, I've never had to manage a domain or Active Directory Server before. Now, I need to help a friend integrate Samba into their environment.

I have adding the Samba machine to the domain, but we cannot see the Samba box. My friend says they need to access the Samba box automatically without having to manually add users to the Samba box. As a test, I added myself to the domain and to the Samba, then I could see the defined share and could copy files over.

I've tried different options/parameters like domain, ads, and so on. I am just getting confused and frustrated.  I hope I am just making this harder than it is?

We're using Samba 2.2.7a on Redhat 9.

Any thoughts, examples, questions?

I appreciate all of your help


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