[Samba] Domain privileges lost after second logon

Ned samba at klesknet.com
Tue Mar 9 21:44:41 GMT 2004


I'm hoping someone will help me fix an annoying problem.


I have a Redhat fedora core 1 machine, with the stock installation of samba
acting as a primary domain controller. I'm using an LDAP backend, and I'm
not using any mandatory profiles.


When someone logs into a newly booted winXP or w2k machine, everything works
fine. The groups are there and everybody has their correct privileges. But
if the user logs out and back in, then all the privileges are taken away and
the user is treated like a guest. I can't even check whether the groups are
still mappedto the workstation as I don't have the privileges.


If this makes sense to anyone, and they know what is wrong with my samba
setup, can they please help.

Many thanks


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