[Samba] winbindd problem - STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW (0x80000005)

Daniel Meyer eagle at cyberdelia.de
Tue Mar 9 17:40:09 GMT 2004

Daniel Meyer wrote:

^--- Hey thats me :-)

>>> Google doesnt tell anything usefull regarding "STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW
>>> (0x80000005)", so i dont think its a common problem.
>> This is the error used to indicate fragemented PDU's.  It normal and 
>> it not the source of your problem.  
> Thats strange, because i dont see any other possible source. Where 
> should i start to look?
> net join looks good, and so does wbinfo -u, -g, -m.
> wbinfo --authenticate and -t fail with the 0x80000005 error.
> Is there more information i could provide?

I did some more tests and this is what i learned:

- I did a similar setup in our lab, also with a w2k server (ads in
   mixed mode), a firewall (same type as in the "real world" scenario),
   and identical linux/samba setup

- That lab-setup works just fine, so it is not a compilation issue or
   errors in the samba.conf

- exactly the same smb.conf/krb5.conf on the "real world" system gives
   the same error as before. The only thing i changed is the name of ads,
   realm and password-server.

So it looks like either a problem with the firewall between the samba 
server and the windows dc, or some problem with the dc itself. I rather 
doubt that the problem is on the firewall side, both lab and real world 
firewall are the same model, same software, and both have all ip traffic 
between samba and dc permitted.

Does anyone have an idea what and where i can check on the windows side? 
Its a windows 2000 server, servicepack 4, english installation... 
nothing fancy...


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