[Samba] SUMMARY: Getent does not get remote users

Arno Hahma arno at jyu.fi
Tue Mar 9 05:33:47 GMT 2004

On 8. Mar, 2004, at 13:42, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>> the necessary configure --with -switches.

> These should be on automatically, if your system has such support, but
> it doesn't harm to add them as well.

In my case, ldap support was dropped by the automatic installation 
software. Thus,
the problem was not really samba related, but rather a bug in Gentoo 
Linux distribution,
or at least, there is need for additional installation notes.

>> still other problems like having to set /home permissions to 1777 
>> since
>> PAM is apparently not run
>> as root and cannot create home directories, if /home is not world
>> writable. I don't actually like this,
> Is this with SSH?  This is an OpenSSH bug/feature.  This pam module

No, but with samba-3.0.2a. That is, winbindd can't create homedirs, 
unless /home
has been set to 1777 -mode (or subdirs in /home, if domain (%D) is 
being used as an additional
level in template directory). Apparently, samba runs the pam-module 
without root-permissions and creates the directory as the owner:group 

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