[Samba] Samba 3.0 and Member Server

Uwe Schuerkamp uwe at schuerkamp.de
Mon Mar 8 15:12:59 GMT 2004

Hi folks,

I've been reading the excellent howto collection by John et al., but
have been tairing my hair out over a rather simple setup. 

We have an NT4 based PDC which we'd like to use to authenticate users
for a BEA Weblogic application. Is it possible to configure Samba 3.0.2a
as a Domain Member server without a local copy of the SAM on the Linux
Samba server? 

The documentation states that even in this case, domain users on the
PDC must be known locally on the Samba server. 

I have used "net rpc vampire" to obtain the user db and store it in the
local ldap on the Samba server, and it looks like everything
(including the password hashes) was migrated successfully.

Joining the test domain via net rpc join has also been successful. 

I can also use "winbind -a" to test authentication of a test user, and
it seems to work ok. 

When trying to authenticate using BEA's NTLM mechanism, I get an
"access denied" error, although the ldap search filter is correct and
apparently returns the correct user details. 

Sorry for the obscure description of the problem, I'll be more than
happy to provide more details if needed. I'm quite new at this so I'd
be glad if somebody you point me into a direction how to analyze this

Thanks in advance & for your time,

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