[Samba] Re: OS X

Thomas Mikl raccoon at smallrodents.com
Mon Mar 8 13:47:54 GMT 2004


I only used Apple's utilities and command line. I never did trust SWAT 
as it always messed up my config files pretty badly.

I am also having several shares mounted to the OS X workstations both 
from our fileserver (Linux/Samba 3) our Apple Fileserver (Panther) and 2 
Windows Servers (windows 2000). I am not experiencing the problems you 
describe. I never loose connection to the Servers, all the shares remain 
on the desktop unless you "eject" them.

can you further describe how you are mounting? I use an apple script at 
login on the OS X workstations that does several things including 
executing a shellscript that mounts all shares for that user...


Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> Well, I experience the following problems, which I've seen many people 
> gripe about on Apple's discussion board.
> In the first place some shares are on Windows servers and some are on 
> Linux servers w/Samba.
> Also, note that I am using Automounting, but mounting the shares by 
> going through Finder > Networks > [Domain Name] > [Server Name] >
> at which point if it is the first time after a boot or something, I have 
> to push the Connect button.  Once on connectivity is pretty good, but 
> sometimes it is lost, in which case a folder for the share remains which 
> is inaccessible.  The only cure seems to be a reboot, which really 
> sucks.  Perhaps you know of a way to avoid that?  HUPping xinet.d perhaps?
> Also, have you had any success using SWAT?  I've tried setting shares up 
> using SWAT and that really seems to mess things up.  Perhaps Apple 
> doesn't really want you to use SWAT, but their own built in utilities.
> Curtis Vaughan
> On 03 Mar, 2004, at 21:57, Thomas Mikl wrote:
>> I am having roughly 25 PCs connecting (Win2k, WinXP) that automount 4 
>> volumes from the server. So far no problems.
>> Also connecting 8 Macs using OS X, they also connect via smb. No 
>> problemo there.
>> And last but not least: 4 Linux Clients running debian. They also 
>> mount via smb and also no Problems.
>> Hope that helps
>> Tom
>> Curtis Vaughan wrote:
>>> Yeh, I'm not worried about OS X server, but client computers 
>>> accessing Samba shares.
>>> Curtis Vaughan
>>> On 02 Mar, 2004, at 23:43, Thomas Mikl wrote:
>>>> Curtis Vaughan wrote:
>>>>> Are there any OS X users on this list, who are having real success 
>>>>> with Apple's implementation of Samba?
>>>>> I would like to start a discussion about several problems with 
>>>>> Samba on OS 10.3.
>>>>> Curtis Vaughan
>>>> Successfully set up OS X 10.3.2 Server as a Windows PDC, including 
>>>> several file shares, logon scripts .... well everything there is and 
>>>> had not a single problem.
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