[Samba] Gethostbyaddr failed

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Mar 8 11:23:28 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 21:38, Dominique Rouvier wrote:
> Same message in English (my English is so bad)

It is better than my french :-)

> I have some trouble with my samba 2.2.1a (on Suse 7.3 PPC)

This is a *very* old version, with known major security holes and many
flaws corrected by later 2.2 and more importantly the 3.0 releases of

>  since 2/3 
> days. This file server samba run for one year !
> The last problem is a problem of connection for few users (not all). You 
> can see on the PC (NT Wstn) the connexion (the server) but there is 
> nothing in it (if you open/explore it)
> Our architecture :
> 2 serveurs Samba (file / printing) with about 30 users (for one year)
> few NT4 servers (with the PDC)
> PC on NT4 Wstn
> All ours users use a script to connect share folders and disk on servers.
> This morning some using are running normaly. But few others users can't 
> open the mapped server (i.e. U\). There is nothing in it. If you 
> disconnect this manually and after you connect it manually all is ok 
> (You can all the files of this share folder).
> Users are recognised but not connected (you can't find any "active 
> connections" on swat), active shares are ok.
> In log.smbd for these users with this trouble i have this message :
> "Gethostbyaddr failed for "(ip adress)
> What is that ? What can i do ?

This means that your reverse DNS is not setup correctly.  Later Samba
2.2 versions avoided doing reverse DNS lookups (unless configured), as
most sites cannot configure this correctly.

> P.S. :
> Is it a problem with a tbd corrupted ?
> On thuesday i had a trouble with sessionid.tdb (connexion number > 
> 3000). I think it's the beginnig of my current problem

This issue has been resolved in Samba 3.0, and occurs if smbd processes
die without cleaning up their entries...

> For this problem (a collegue sayed me to do this)
> I stopped samba
> I destroyed this table
> I restarted samba
> All was ok

This is the correct solution to an 'over-full' sessionid table.  This
should not be nearly as much of an issue in Samba 3.0.

Andrew Bartlett

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