[Samba] Question regarding Login Scripts

Timothy Radigan tradigan at newrevolutions.net
Mon Mar 8 01:45:47 GMT 2004

Hello all,


I have a quick question regarding SAMBA and the way it handles login
scripts.  Currently I am running a small network at home consisting of a
FreeBSD server running SAMBA 3.0 and I have multiple Windows XP clients on
the network.  I have configured login scripts with SAMBA, however they are
not currently executing during a login.  Now, my question is, is it possible
to have SAMBA execute the scripts without actually joining the SAMBA domain?
I have custom login screens with Windows XP and I'm trying to stay away from
the Windows 2000 style login screen.  If anyone has this working or maybe
someone can point me in the right direction, that'd be a great help,
however, if this can't be done, please let me know as well.

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