[Samba] How to use smbclient to tar files that dont include the unneeded path?

Litao Wei wlt008 at sina.com
Sun Mar 7 08:36:34 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I wantto use smbclient to tar files in a deep directory. but don't want the tar file include the unneeded path. How to do?
For example. If the files are in /home/user1/ , I want to tar files and directorys in this directory. When use 'smbclient //server/share -N -D /home/user1/ -Tc aa.tar' , and the files in aa.tar contain the unneeded path of /home/user1/, which I don't want to include. If a just want the tar file only included the filename, don't included the path, what I should do? 

Litao Wei   

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