[Samba] make fails dynconfig.0 error1

aarumuga arumugam eccsamba at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 6 19:13:08 GMT 2004

Hi all,
               I am compiling samba 3.0.2a with openldap and kerberos 
openldap version 2.1.25 with bdb support (ver 4.2)
kerberos version 1.3.2

./configure --prefix=/servers/sambatest/3.0.2a 
--with-ldap=/servers/openldap/2.1.25/lib --with-ads --with-krb5=/servers/kerberos/1.3.2/lib 
configure suceeds
but make fails with the following error
Using FLAGS =  -O -I/servers/kerberos/1.3.2/lib/include -I./popt 
-Iinclude -I/var/tmp/aarumuga/samba-3.0.2a/source/include 
-I/var/tmp/aarumuga/samba-3.0.2a/source/smbwrapper  -I. -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 
-I/servers/kerberos/1.3.2/lib/include -I/var/tmp/aarumuga/samba-3.0.2a/source
      LIBS = -lsendfile -lsec -lgen -lresolv -lsocket -lnsl -ldl
      LDSHFLAGS = -G  -L/servers/openldap/2.1.25/lib 
      LDFLAGS = -L/servers/openldap/2.1.25/lib 
Compiling dynconfig.c
In file included from include/includes.h:892,
                 from dynconfig.c:21:
include/proto.h:554: error: parse error before "LDAP_CONST"
make: *** [dynconfig.o] Error 1

Any help appreciated

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