[Samba] citrix stores addition information into SAM on pdc

roland for_spam at gmx.de
Sat Mar 6 01:02:51 GMT 2004

we want to replace our nt4 pdc/bdc with samba and we use windows nt4 terminal servers with citrix in our environment.
as far as i know, we will get a problem here. (extensiver reading of the mailing list led me to this conclusion)

regarding: http://ma.ph-freiburg.de/tng/tng-users/2001-05/msg00224.html

>Terminal Server has its own User Manager (which has an extra button -
>"Config" on the User Properties dialog box) which read/writes additional
>information in the SAM that is not used by standard NT4 servers. This extra
>information relates to the users configuration in the terminal server
>environment. Such things as -

>Allow Logon to Terminal Server
>Timeout settings for connection, disconnection & idle.
>Action to take on broken or timd-out connections
>Whether shadowing is enabled
>Whether to connect client printers and drives

>I don't think that Samba (in any of its incarnations) support this extended
>SAM functionality, so you'll need to use Windows NT Servers as your NT
>domain controllers.

if this has not already been adressed (has it?) we sure get problems with those citrix settings. we use the session shadowing
feature and after migrating to samba, i`m somewhat sure things will mess up, because the information wether shadowing is enabled or
not cannot be stored on samba pdc.

citrix is very popular and citrix serverfarms usually NEED a domaincontroller "by design" - so i wonder that this hasn`t already
been adressed.

can someone give me information on this and confirm that this still IS an issue ?

if someone is willing to resolve this issue please feel free to contact me. i can probably supply necessary information (network
tcpdumps....registry "access logs"....doing testing....whatever....)

please contact me via mail, because i`m not subscribed to this list.


while writing this mail i did some further search in the ML archive, so i`m happy to see, that i`m not alone :)

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