[Samba] printer configuration

Daniel Stonier snorri_dj at operamail.com
Fri Mar 5 13:04:44 GMT 2004

Seem to have come to a dead end trying to configure a cups printer on a 
samba server. Been reading and googling till my eyes are about ready to 
google themselves. Anyway, it would be fantastic if one of you might have 
seen something I've missed.

Setup: linux server running samba3. Also on the lan are a  win95, winXP 
and linux box.

		workgroup = HOME
		server string = valhalla		# my hostname
		hosts allow = 192.168.1. 127.
		interfaces = eth1 			# I have a cable modem on eth0
		printing = cups
		printcap name = cups
		load printers = yes
		guest account = snorri			# my user
		guest ok = yes
		map to guest = bad user

		<insert log commands here>

		security = user
		encrypt passwords = yes
		smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd			

		comment = backup directory
		path = /mnt/backup
		writeable = yes
		guest ok = yes
		comment = All Printers
		path = /var/spool/samba
		browseable = no
		printable = yes
		guest ok = yes
		writeable = no


		Backup directory share works fine - no problem here.
		"testparm smb.conf" verified ok
		"smbclient -L valhalla" lists directory and printer lp0 accurately
		"smbclient //valhalla/lp0" is accessed no problem, but
			print <textfile> hangs until it gets a Call timed out response.
		"tail /var/log/samba/valhalla.log" shows up the message
			print cache expired for queue lp0 .... but nothing else ominous.
		all the nmblookup commands seem to work fine as well, it detects 
       		in the environs without too much hassle.
		the windows machine can see the printer if I set browseable to yes, but 
hangs if
                 	I try to do anything with it.
		lastly, firewall was off while I was testing. I also brought the eth0 
interface down
   			just in case it was causing problems.

So I'm confounded and have no idea where to go from here!


Daniel Stonier
email:snorri_dj at operamail.com

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