[Samba] file names transposed

Thomas Charles Robinson robinstc at ocean.com.au
Thu Mar 4 12:23:48 GMT 2004


I'm running samba 3.0.0-15 and have noticed that when users save some
files the filenames get transposed. This is usually when they use
special characters like the '£' (transposed to '#'). Looking at my
smb.conf I found the following settings:

# testparm -v | grep -e char -e code
        dos charset = CP850
        unix charset = UTF-8
        display charset = LOCALE
        unicode = Yes
        mangling char = ~

After consulting the documentation, I'm still not sure what the problem
is. Samba 3 talks UTF on the wire and all the clients are Win XP (bar
one W95 machine from which no user writes to the samba server). From
what I read in the manual I gather that Win XP also talks UTF on the
wire. What setting does the actual character mapping for writing the
filenames on the samba server?

Any help would be appreciated.



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