[Samba] printing: lpd hangs

Hans Wilmer listrcv at condor-werke.com
Thu Mar 4 11:06:34 GMT 2004


a number of Windoze clients is printing to networked printers over SAMBA
(Debain package: 2.2.3a-12.3; lpd is 1:2000.05.07-4.3 --- these are
standard Debian Woody packeges). Sometimes, an lpd process hangs,
thereby blocking printing for all clients to all printers. The problem
is especially likely to occur when a client tries to delete a print job;
thus I´ve disabled deleting jobs by setting

    lprm command = /bin/false

in smb.conf. That helped a lot, but nevertheless lpd sometimes hangs.

Printing filters are not in use; the jobs coming from the clients are
just passed through to the printers.

What could I do to avoid those hanging lpd´s? Is this a problem with
SAMBA or with lpd? Any help would be appreciated ...

Fallende Schatten bedeuten nichts Gutes.

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