[Samba] Trying to put a MS SQL 7.0 database on a samba share

Warren Green WarrenG at decillion.net
Thu Mar 4 10:35:17 GMT 2004

I would like to centralize all the company data to one central box. The 
box does have dual gigabit network cards, so will the MS SQL server have a 
gig network card to my Samba server. All the clients are running 100mb.

Anyone else with any comments would be greatly appreciated.


> This seems like a VERY bad thing to do anyways.
> Usually putting transactional databases of any kind... like bdb
> database, or any of hte like, on a shared drive is a recipe for
> disaster. I'd guess SQL falls into this same category, but don't know
> it. Anyways this would be super slow? why put a db on a share?

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