[Samba] Re: Samba3.0.2a, MS Office (Excel), Save problem.

Tan Kee Wee keewee at singnet.com.sg
Thu Mar 4 06:12:02 GMT 2004

Not sure why my previous reply don't appear (ML newbie here).

But here's something to add on:

	My problem was really with XFS and Excel files in shared
mode.  Back to the previous example, after Tom saves the file,
Tom becomes the owner of the file and Bob ends up in the ACL list.
John comes along and saves the file.  John becomes the owner and
now Tom and Bob are now on the ACL list.

	XFS had a (random?) bug where the ACL list gets reset when
you reach around 20 or so ACL entries.  If this bug occurs when
John saves the file, Tom and Bob's ACL entries get deleted along with
the other entries.

	XFS was eventually replaced on my server with ReiserFS.

James wrote:
> You are correct about this same problem on doze boxes.  Another thing
> that also happens, is when the use closes the file, and reopens, it is
> still marked as read only. I experience this with office xp. I know this
> isn't much help, but at least you know you aren't alone :-D
> Thanks, 
> James 
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>  Hello!
> <quote>
> Brief Description:
> This problem has now occured with a number of users, running different
> versions of Office (see below).
> When saving documents, Office seems to set the read-only bit. The
> problem
> is best shown with Excel, which when saving a spredsheet, reports the
> following error:
> "The Document was saved succesfully, but Excel cannot re-open it because
> of a sharing violation. Please Close the Document and try again."
> </quote>
> We have the same problem! On 2.2.8a...
> Unfortunatley, we can't reproduce it :-(
> As I readed on news group, some people have the same problem on windows
> fileservers.
> May be this is Excel problem?
> After all we used dos filemode to allow not owners change read-only
> bit....

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