[Samba] Automounting Samba shares for Linux clients?

Travis L. Bean maillists at biologicaqua.com
Thu Mar 4 01:38:09 GMT 2004

Is there a way to configure the latest version of Samba to automount
shares when a Linux client logs into a Samba PDC?  I have searched high
and low trying to find an answer to this and the only information I have
found is using pam_mount (which I have yet to get working correctly) or
NFS.  When searching for an answer, I came across comments such as "NFS
is the best way to mount shares in a Unix to Unix environment".  Is this
true and if so why? I would like to just have a Samba server for my
Windows and Linux clients and not have to deal with a separate NFS
server.  I would appreciate any information on how allow my Linux
clients have their home directories and other Samba shares automounted
every time they log in to the server (and have the authentication take
place through LDAP).  

Travis L. Bean
Systems Administrator
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Grants Pass, OR - United States

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