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-|I am new to the list so my problem is likely redundant.
-|I am using Samba on a remote Linux system to offer Windows clients access
-|data being collected by a real-time system. The real-time data collection
-|systems are built on the RH 8 Linux distribution. I also have one that was
-|built using the RH Fedora Core 1 distribution. The data collection
-|runs as root (yes I do know its not the best way but for a number of
-|it is most convenient and the system ONLY runs the one application).
-|This system is an isolated subnet with only 6 boxes, 5 are Linux data
-|collection systems and the 6th is a Windows 2000 GUI box.
-|The problem arises when Windows client try's to access the data. It gets
-|"Access Denied" message.
-|>From the default smb.conf - the following are my changes from the
-|workgroup = WORKGROUP
-|hosts allow = 192.168.1. 127.
-|security = share
-|        comment = Digital Data Files
-|        path = /filestore
-|        public = yes
-|        writable = yes
-|        create mask = 0777
-|        directory mode = 0777
-|I am not a Linux guru, however is do have some experience with both Samba
-|and Linux.
-|Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Two things immediately come to mind:

1.  Make sure that you have created a user for the person logging in (both
in Linux and Samba)

2.  Make sure that the user that you created has linux access to the files.
(If the files are -rw-rw---- and that users doesn't belong to the same group
as the group on the file, samba will give an access denied.)

The big 'kicker' when learning the basics of samba/linux interaction is that
you always need to check the permissions on the base shared directory as
well -  I've found that linux permissions account for about 50% of the
'basic' samba problems that I've seen, and it's easy to overlook.


Toby Schaefer

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