[Samba] Re: wbinfo -u returns 0xc0000022

Salmons, Michael SalmonsM at missouri.edu
Wed Mar 3 22:30:24 GMT 2004

I figured out what was going on and thought I'd share it. The account I was invoking with wbinfo -A has a special character in the password that coincides with the character I myself had designated in the winbind config as the separator between domain and username! Du-uhhh. So the PDC thought I was trying to send the domain name couched inside the user's password. Made for some entertaining entries in the PDC's security logs.

Thanks for your responses.


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I also had the same problem when I first setup samba, I don't know if this will help but The samba server was on ethernet i.e with a frame size of 1500 and the NT domain controller it was talking to was on token ring with a frame size of 4096. I changed the token ring max frame size to 1500 and it solved the problem.
I have also seen the windows error 'path too deep' caused by this problem.
Hope this helps
Keith Allen

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