[Samba] session user name

flinchlock fst6x7v02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Mar 3 20:27:23 GMT 2004

Quoting "Pieter Vanmeerbeek"

> This is our smb.conf file:
> ; The global setting for a RedHat default install
> ; Make sure and restart the server after making changes to this
> file, ex:
> [global]
>     ; Public name
>     server string = aXs GUARD Server
>     exec = /ub/pkg/samba/bin/smbvars "%m" "%M" "%I" "%a" "%D"
> "%u" "%H" 
> "%g" "%U" "%G" "%S" "%P" "%p" "%h" "%L" "%N" "%v" "%d" "%R" "%T"
> > 
> /tmp/sambavar

You need to change the output file to use some variable.

Since the exec script is in the GLOBAL section, EVERY share
connection causes that script to run and overwrite each output from
each share... use /tmp/%S.sambavars

OR, use ">>" that will append all the outputs into one file that
will grow and grow and grow and grow and ...


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