[Samba] C000019B error on login

Eric Freed efreed at newrorad.com
Wed Mar 3 18:02:33 GMT 2004

Hi all, 

I tried to set up an Samba 3.0.2a PDC with an LDAP backend (on Fedora).
I can add a machine to the domain (both the NT machine thinks it joins,
and I can see the info in LDAP), but when I go to log on I get this

The System Cannot Log You On (C000019B)

According to the FAQ this happens when there is a SID mismatch, and can
be fixed by either getting back the old SID, or rejoining the domain. I
don't have an old SID, and I tried rejoining the domain, but I am still

One last clue; if I try to log on with a valid username but invalid
password, I get the normal response for an invalid username/password
combination. And I saw the PDC checking LDAP. 

Any ideas?

Eric Freed <efreed at newrorad.com>

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