[Samba] Samba PDC + Win2K Terminal services + win2k clients

Nicolas Piganeau npi at m4x.org
Wed Mar 3 16:11:39 GMT 2004


In our network, there is a Windows 2K running Terminal services server and a 
PDC which used to be NT4 and is now SAMBA. Everything worked fine before the 

All the users on the worstations are logged on the 
domain controled by samba PDC. 

When we connect to the Win2K TSE server from either a WINNT4 
workstation or a WinXP(PRO) there is no problem 
at all, and it works.

However, when we connect from a Win2K pro box, it says 
"connection refused by peer" and in the Win2k TSE server event "log", 
it says something like "unable to deliver a licence to 
the client". 

However, when the user connects to the win2K workstation locally and then to 
the Win2K TSE it works!

Any ideas?

Thank you.
Nicolas Piganeau 

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