[Samba] yet another inconsistent can not find domain question

jmendez at vips4kids.org jmendez at vips4kids.org
Wed Mar 3 15:47:20 GMT 2004

I have set up samba as a pdc using debian and i have several windows xp
professional machines which log on to the domain just fines and some work
fine and other do not.  i am using samba version 3.0.2 i have not patched
any of the windows xp machines with registry patches as it looks like they
require static IP addresses.  I have tried including likes such as.
"netbios name = sambaserver" "wins support = yes"  I have tried disabling
dns on the windows boxes, flushing dns cache and then querying the domain
again, and it still fails to find the domain
The systems on my network need to use dhcp because we have a number of
laptops and such.  the machines which fail to see the samba server are
able to use the same machine for a squid proxy and also use it for dns, so
its not connectivity. Any help would be appreciated.

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